We all go through multiple role transitions throughout our careers. The question is: Are we setting people up for success in their transitions, and are we doing it effectively?

The CarterRadley Professional Development Center (PDC) ensures that motivated learners will acquire the requisite knowledge, skills and behavior needed to successfully transition into a new role in an accelerated and effective manner. Here’s how it works:

First, we assert that upon completion of a high-quality learning experience the learner must be able to verifiably demonstrate competency by:

Producing valuable work products using specific job-ready skills.
Functioning successfully in multiple team roles.
Operating simultaneously at multiple levels of functional competency.
Demonstrating self-awareness of professional behavior.
Being a change agent, as appropriate.
Showing continuous improvement as a lifelong learner.

Second, to produce the kind of job-ready professionals the marketplace needs today and in the future, we’ve developed realistic role simulations. Our simulations give learners the experience of being on the job, yet they will be working in a fail-safe environment where making mistakes will only augment their learning.

Third, CarterRadley designs and implements highly-effective PDC learning experiences using our unique learning approach, IMPARTT:

Learners are Immersed in realistic simulations that replicate typical work environments and situations.
Skilled professionals Mentor learners to provide guidance and ensure that the learners don’t get lost or left behind.
Learners Practice skills repeatedly in different contexts to develop competence and earn trust.
Skilled, professional mentors Assess learner deliverables and behaviors, and provide feedback from a professional perspective.
Learners use Reflection as a tool to benefit from controlled failure experiences in a safe environment.
Learners develop collaboration skills and become valuable and effective members of high-performance Teams.
Learners gain knowledge and experience using professional Tools (including processes, methods, and procedures).

To acquire the knowledge and experiences necessary to successfully transition into a new role.

Fourth, the IMPARTT approach can be used to create PDC learning experiences that are tailored to your specific work environment, ensuring that the learner gains an understanding of your organizational culture, information flows, work sequences, deliverables, products, business drivers, market constraints and any other dimensions of the role that you determine are critical to be successful in that role.

To learn more about IMPARTT, click here.

CarterRadley folds the best technical content available into the finest learning environments to accelerate the learner’s acquisition of job-ready knowledge, skills and behaviors in the context of client specific needs.

Our PDC Learning Experiences are expertly architected progressions of real tasks in real situations that, with the support and encouragement of accomplished mentors in a safe environment, systematically advance the learner’s professional knowledge, skills and behaviors.