CarterRadley’s (CR) mission is to produce verifiable job-ready professionals through the design, development and delivery of measurably effective learning experiences.

Job Readiness

To be job-ready for a particular role a worker needs proficiency in five distinct areas:

  1. Domain Knowledge: Specific job information needed to be effective.
  2. Technical Skills: Required tools, processes, and knowledge.
  3. Soft Skills: Communication and interpersonal skills.
  4. Behavior Skills: The awareness to collaborate with others successfully.
  5. Experience: Application of skills and knowledge in a professional environment.

If any of these five aspects are missing, then the worker’s ability for success is diminished, possibly to the extent of not being able to land the job in the first place.


Business Work Roles

Businesses tend to organize workers by roles. Figure 1 shows typical job roles for an organization that does software engineering work. Of course, other domains will have different job-role trees.

This means we can define the requirements and scope for learning experiences that produce job-ready professionals for each and every role in an organization: from entry level to senior level.





Advantages of CarterRadley Learning Experience Design

CarterRadley’s unique learning experience design approach brings significant advantages, including:squiggle

  1. Unlike most colleges, universities and training courses, knowledge, skills and behavior are not just taught once in a single class. They are revisited on a regular basis in new and different scenarios and contexts with increasing complexity and difficulty.

Presentations, for example, might begin with simple descriptions of a technology, advance to difficult project status reporting, and end with presentations to senior management on issues that don’t have a “right” answer. This ensures the learner fully acquires the targeted knowledge and skills, rather than having just brushed the topic’s surface.

  1. Use of role-playing.
  2. Mapping of Threads.
  3. Program Scalability both online and on campus.



CarterRadley learning experiences are conducted in an immersive environment with the support and guidance of trained mentors. We call it IMPARTT. Click here to learn more.