Individual learners with little-to-no college who still aspire to acquire a professional job can assess his or her job-readiness and subsequently acquire basic professional knowledge, skills, and behavior through boot camps or from college and university programs that adopt CarterRadley undergraduate and graduate programs.

Job Readiness Assessments

Self-assessments are a critical tool in the Career Launch and the Career Care product lines. They are designed to help individuals become honest with themselves about where they are and what must be done in order to successfully transition to another role.

CarterRadley advocates the use of professional taxonomies and job descriptions as the starting point for assessments. We envision careers as a progression of individuals through a sequence of roles. Each role consists of a context with a set of responsibilities and competencies to perform activities producing various artifacts and providing various services.

When CarterRadley works with employers to produce these assessments, we focus on the firm’s jobs, work settings, work products and services, and processes in order to establish a concrete set of actors, activities, and artifacts used and produced. From these, it is then possible produce assessments that can be used to evaluate both one’s self and others.

Colleges, universities, and employers should all be concerned about assessing the extent to which a specific individual is job ready, depending out the mission, goals, and outcomes for each organization. CarterRadley has found that model- and data-based assessment tools can be used to guide continuous improvement efforts when they are properly used by qualified professionals.

Boot Camps

The transition from student to professional is challenging for many due to the number of professional skills and behaviors that must be mastered. Many college programs do not expose their students to the roles, responsibilities, activities, artifacts, tools, processes, behaviors, or ethics required of working professionals. If students have not learned these things from their home environment or from jobs they may have performed while they were students, the changes required can be quite shocking.

Boot camps are immersive experiences to open up individuals to the realities of a career and to start the process of self-actualized knowledge, skill, and behavior development.

For students in college and for college graduates who haven’t yet placed, the specific job role they are targeting is typically an entry-level job, but freshers and unplaced workers aren’t the only ones transitioning into new roles. All of us transition into new roles multiple times during our careers, usually with little-to-no training or experience in the new role, often leaving us in a situation where we make mistakes on the job, where they can be very costly, rather than making them in the safe environment of the classroom.


CarterRadley Accelerators are used to prepare and transform individuals for new professional roles and responsibilities. The accelerator process begins with an assessment to define the transformation that is required. This is then followed by a sequence of mentored experiences to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required for the new role. The process concludes with carefully managed and coached realistic work experiences designed to practice, hone, and polish job skills by means of continuous improvement activities. The outcomes from an accelerator are professionals with documented and proven successes in the new role.

Career Readiness Assessments

The key tools used by CarterRadley are available for individuals to use. In collaboration with colleges, universities, and industrial firms, CarterRadley have produce an array of Career Readiness Assessments. Individuals can gain benefit from the use of these tools, including the high-quality written reports and mentoring services that comes with them for “do-it yourself” individuals.

Self-Learning eBooks

CarterRadley believes that professionals need to become skilled extracting information from a variety of resources (e.g. books, articles, web-pages), especially for those in the more advanced roles. In support of its clients, CarterRadley has developed a collection of eBooks to support self-learning. These eBook resources are used in various courses, but they can also bring real benefit to dedicated “do-it yourself” individuals.