Carter Radley Partners with MMU to Deliver an Innovative and Affordable Software Development B. Tech Program in India

COLORADO – Carter Radley LLC has partnered with Maharinsi Markandeshwar University in New Delhi, India to deliver a new type of Software Development B. Tech Program beginning in summer 2017.

“MMU has recognized a serious gap between what the marketplace needs in the area of software development and what most graduates are able to produce. The problem lies in how the university programs in India are run and what is being taught to students,” says Martin Radley, co-owner of Carter Radley LLC, software professional, and former professor at the esteemed Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Radley and partner Lynn Robert Carter, Ph.D., also a former Carnegie Mellon professor and software professional, will oversee a staff who will design, develop, and implement the program at MMU.

The program has 5 areas of focus: knowledge gathering, technical skills, soft skills, behavioral skills, and work experiences on live projects. Graduates need to possess skills in these 5 areas in order to find the most professional success. Yet most traditional university programs focus solely on knowledge gathering. This program is different because it’s designed to focus on what students are able to DO, instead of what students KNOW. This is done through what is called a ‘learn-by-doing’ curriculum.

Together with Carter Radley, MMU is bringing a learn-by-doing curriculum to India so graduates can be ready for global employment. How it works is that students in this program work in small teams under the careful guidance of industry experts. Students role-play as software developers at a fictional company, while faculty  will role-play their manager. Together the student team and faculty member are introduced to a client and given a client problem to solve. Some problems are small, and some require significant time and effort. Few, if any, will be able to be completed the night before they are due.

“Because the work is fictionalized, we are able to create a safe space where students can take risks and stretch themselves without risk of failure,” says Radley. “Students work together to try new things and see whether or not they work. If they fail, they then work with the manager (faculty) to keep trying new options. Students are free to learn and grow without the fear of making a career-ending error.”

All projects in the B. Tech program provide students with the real-world expertise, experience, and confidence hiring managers look for during placement interviews. Graduates will be confident in their ability to perform on the job because they will already have done the job tasks during their university time. Unlike competing university graduates who took lecture/test-based courses and had no real project experience to prepare them for the real world.

“It will be very clear to hiring managers that B. Tech graduates will be able to make an immediate impact on an organization and its projects, while other grads will need several months of on-the-job training and upskilling before being able to do any real work,” says Radley.

Another unique characteristic of this program is cost. The program will deliver a high-quality, high-cost American education at a price point that is much more affordable by Indian standards. This low cost will enable more students to attend a high-quality American-designed program without leaving home or going into great debt.

Upon completion of the B. Tech program, students will possess an undergraduate degree in Software Development along with 2 full years of on-the-job experience and practice.

Enrollment begins soon. Learn more at